• For our COVID-19 mitigation and compliance services for school districts, individual schools, or universities, click here.

  • Systematic analysis of all COVID-19 response procedures and threat mitigation in the public and private sector since the onset of the pandemic. The most effective and efficient procedural and physical changes are then applied to your specific facility and designed to meet your operational and financial needs. 

  • Created an overarching plan for private beach clubs in Atlantic Beach, NY to successfully reopen for their 2,000 + staff and 15,000 + members.

  • Clients include beach clubs, country clubs, golf courses, catering halls, bars, restaurants, day care facilities, camps, race tracks, and schools.

  • Created COVID-19 Operating Plans and consult with clients on a regular basis about ways to continue operating safely amidst the changing demands associated with the pandemic and government guidelines.

  • Operating Plans exceed government requirements so you will never have to increase restrictions.

  • Close working relationship with a biodefense company 

  • Master's Thesis and Capstone in COVID-19 Threat Mitigation in the Public and Private Sector

COVID-19 Client List

Beach Clubs




Restaurants & Country Clubs 

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Studios & Camps