Telemedicine can provide the same high level of care from the

comfort of your home, reducing the amount of time missed from work or school.


Our experts care for babies, children and young adults through age 26 to diagnose and treat common urgent conditions. We also evaluate adults over age 26 for COVID-19 testing referral.


Most common pediatric illnesses can be diagnosed and treated

effectively including respiratory infections, pink eye/conjunctivitis,

skin rashes, fevers and more.

PM Pediatrics

  • Safe & Convenient

    • COVID-19 Testing
      • We offer dedicated days and hours for in-office testing of students and faculty.
      • Ability to customize, such as setting up on-site testing clinic for school system.


    • COVID-19 Consultation toParents & Administration
      • Expert consultation including webinars to help parents and faculty navigate these challenging times and feel more confident with returning to school.


    • Virtual Access to Pediatric Specialists
      • Support school health staff by connecting them to our pediatric experts experienced in treating a wide array of illnesses, including COVID-19.
      • Offer state-of-the-art technology and training to school nurses to check ears, throat, heart, lungs and skin.
  • No additional cost to school, will go through parents insurance if needed