Perrotta Consulting is creating a new industry of threat mitigation and emergency operation planning to prepare the private and public sector for any form of hazard.

In partnership with the Northeastern University Master’s Program in Homeland Security, Perrotta Consulting began from a Capstone project with 9 graduates and a goal to mitigate future pandemic threats to the U.S. homeland. These individuals collectively have over 50 years of homeland security and public health experience.

We have provided school cyber vulnerability assessments to many clients and provided detailed write-ups of issues, concerns, and remediated risk based on cybersecurity best practices. For many current clients, Perrotta Consulting serves as an “on call, 24/7” cybersecurity and compliance consultant. We have the scale, experience, and expertise to perform cybersecurity framework gap analysis and also are familiar with the nuances of navigating remediation in a K-12 environment.

While Perrotta Consulting began with a focus on how to detect and mitigate biological threats, the foundations of this company evolved as the COVID-19 pandemic did and therefore substantial research was dedicated to implementing and exceeding the CDC guidelines. This capstone was presented to faculty at Northeastern, one of the only universities to reopen their campus to in person learning this fall.

While pandemic and biological threat mitigation is a cornerstone of homeland security, it has not received the attention it deserves in the last two decades. Therefore, Perrotta Consulting has developed its own solutions and strategy in threat mitigation that are not only applicable to the current pandemic but will also address any future threats and reduce disease transmission overall.


Perrotta Consulting’s business model incorporates Department of Homeland Security (DHS) style vulnerability and risk assessments and the best private sector and corporate level threat mitigation practices. We provide vulnerability assessment of your organization, and an action and operation plan to mitigate future and present disasters and get your organization operating safely and securely for the future.

Our plans and practices accommodate all business small to large and work precisely with our clients’ budgets. We work with business’ existing systems to maximize operational efficiency and offer additional services in partnership with a biodefense technology company.

Training & DHS Certifications

-Master’s in Homeland Security and Emergency Management, Northeastern University
-Thesis in COVID-19 Threat Mitigation
-Applications of GIS for Emergency Management
-National Response Framework
-National Incident Management System
-Fundamentals of Emergency Management
-Basic Incident Command System for Initial Response
-Incident Command Systems
-Social Media in Emergency Management

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Perrotta Consulting LLC is a licensed and insured threat mitigation and emergency operation planning company based on structures and plans associated with the Department of Homeland Security's National Disaster Response Framework.

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