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Perrotta Consulting works to navigate and apply for new grants and funding resources that have been made available as a result of the COVID disaster declaration. Local, state and federal resources are available to every private and public school, regardless of the size, and we are experts at navigating the numerous resources and opportunities available to schools.

In addition to COVID funding resources, we are also experts at accessing security grants and resources to help offset the cost of planning, staffing, and infrastructure to help better secure school buildings from man-made threats. Grant applications are time consuming, tedious and many federal programs require strategic planning and budgeting plans, risk and vulnerability assessments, and long term mitigation strategies. Our staff’s expertise in homeland security and emergency management fully manage these daunting tasks with large amounts of financial returns for clients.

Grant applications are the final piece of our turnkey solution to mitigation programs and disaster management. Funding should never be an issue for obtaining our firm’s services or for bolstering resilience to disasters in a school. Our grant application experts are here and ready help any institution maximize their available funding resources.

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Perrotta Consulting LLC is a licensed and insured threat mitigation and emergency operation planning company based on structures and plans associated with the Department of Homeland Security's National Disaster Response Framework.

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